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Youth Activities

Old St. Peter's has a wonderful Sunday School program for ages 3yr - 6th Grade. The class parallels the school year and is "off" during the summer months. Activities often include singing, musical instruments, hand puppets, crafts, planting flowers on Rogation Sunday, baking unleavened bread or pretzels (representing the Holy Trinity)- always something with a biblical and Godly connection. Occasionally the children sing songs learned in Sunday School at the conclusion of service (you can hear the angels sing!). Confirmation classes are held for people of all ages. Recently I was helping (?) in the Sunday School class when a teacher asked one little girl if she ever shared any of her toys with her brother (who was also there). At first she said she wasn't sure and then she said "I share my dolls with my brother" - you should have seen his reaction, it was hilarious! (Fr. Morgan)

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"Youth Activities"
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